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In the field of dishes and “disheases” Frankoma pottery was my first love. My parents lived on the same street as John Frank in Norman, Oklahoma (although not at the same time), and the pottery was easy for my Dad to find and cheap to buy in local antique shops. I grew up with it in my home, although not a set of dishes.

When I moved out to my first apartment I found a huge set for sale in an antique store for a great price. I out them on lay-a-way, and later came back and got them. I still have that original set (minus a few bowls- kids are really hard on bowls!) and we use it every week at least. It is in Prairie Green and it is mostly the Plainsman pattern with a little bit of the Lazybones pattern thrown in. My mom helped me decorate my apartment around it!

My favorite thing about Frankoma is the beauty of the rutile glazes, which have a two-toned affect on the pottery. 7A566AE9-04C1-4E0A-A371-9CFEE01F1241DF2077F1-8077-49F3-8227-F8DAEFD2C702F9EBE29B-6D61-4BAE-9B91-7A03BE3C0607F90D7DBE-1FF2-48A6-B227-B991D939538EE9071554-E961-404E-B7B9-EC370DA2FBEAIMG_4801

Frankoma comes in more than just green! Here are some yellow planters.6644F63A-D061-45E0-8FD9-14D7CFCAEA0AAnd I have a very small tea set in Robin’s Egg Blue. I used to keep it at school. Most of it was a gift.


Up next in the collection is my Brambly Hedge. This was the first real china I bought (except my wedding china) to drink tea in. My sweet mother-in-law got me the teapot for my birthday. I bought the Summer set because the aqua color on it was my favorite. I always liked Brambly Hedge books, and the mice were too darling.




Lastly in the “collections” is my favorite! This is my Wedgwood Peter Rabbit collection. I had the nursery set when I was a child (and still do) and my own children grew up with more of the dishes. When I found out they made an adult-sized tea set I nearly jumped for joy. I drink out of a Peter Rabbit cup and saucer almost every day.

I was very blessed one day to win a big lot of Beatrix Potter china on E-Bay for only $50 US. In this lot were dishes (sadly most of them suffered crazing from the intense heat of dishwasher drying) but there were also Beswick characters in the lot! So I have a lot of those too. Susan Branch calls them her Beatrix Potter people. They are really fun!


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