The Secret of Sterling House

Buy my book, The Secret of Sterling House, on Amazon here!

A long time ago, when I was 11, I read “Gone-Away Lake” by Elizabeth Enright. This book awoke a big desire to live in a Victorian house. I worked hard, and my husband worked by my side for years to help make my dream come true and it finally did in 2012. But long before that I dreamed of what it would be like to raise my precious babies in a big Victorian and the adventures they could have. All of the sudden, during proctoring a state test at school, a story came over me. I wrote the outline right there and as soon as I got home I started writing. I also took inspiration from “Go to the Room of the Eyes” and all the treasure hunts I’ve written in imy life for myself and for my children.

About 18 months later, a book was born! Complete with illustrations too!

Then I got busy trying to get someone to publish it. I tried and tried but no one wanted it.

Then we actually bought a Victorian and I finally had my dream come true!

A few years later I joined a writing club and learned about Create Space and Amazon publishing. I knew what I had to do. So here is my book!

The Secret of Sterling House

When Kaitie and Harry move into Sterling House, a big old Victorian, they never imagined what could be hiding inside, like long-lost forgotten secrets about a family on the brink of disaster, attics full of cast-offs, and a mysterious 100-year-old trunk. Katie and Harry’s new-old home lies in a neighborhood of ancient elm trees, cracked sidewalks, and children who are too scared to come to their house. The sister and brother are soon having a grand time exploring, but then Kaitie finds what she thinks might be a clue from a long-ago treasure hunt. Now they are caught up in a game where each new clue becomes more ominous and they feel it must be kept a secret. Even with no one to turn to the children feel they must keep going until the end. But what exactly waits for them there? Follow them as they courageously and secretly solve the clues and find out what truths and dangers will be revealed.

I loved writing this book so much that I started a sequel, but it isn’t moving very fast these days. Hopefully soon it will get written. In the meantime I wrote and illustrated a sweet children’s picture book about a little mouse named Molly and her garden.

Molly Mouse and Her Garden

Buy my book, Molly Mouse and Her Garden, on Amazon here!

Explore and learn in Molly Mouse’s garden as she checks on her herbs, harvests food and hides from a cat. Follow along as Molly takes you to her house and fixes a delicious family meal with her fresh produce. At the end try your hand at cooking with Molly’s recipes!

So there you go! I’ve been working on a ghost story book for forever-maybe I can get it done before Halloween of ’23? We will see. The formatting and illustrating takes a lot longer than the writing and editing and it is a LOT of work!

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