Summer Territory

Oh, summer! My favorite season. A season of heat, cicadas, pool water, stars, and magic.

Leading up to this season is spring, and the weird kind of nesting mode I always go into this time of the year. There is an urge to turn things out and over and to de-clutter and blow the dust of winter off of everything. I also love to decorate my home and end up re-arranging things many times, always looking to make a space better. (It’s like having a big dollhouse and is so fun.)

I’ve had a surgery recently (part of why I haven’t been on here) and am looking forward to feeling so much better and to being done with the healing process. I feel like a horse chomping at the bit. I want to run all over my house loving it, moving furniture, having fun, etc. However, I’m still recovering and just going to work is enough to wear me out. Also I have lifting restrictions which are the most un-fun thing ever it turns out. Hopefully, at the end of this month they will be done and I can go back to normal.

Our Easter supper last year, small and sweet. We won’t have one this year. Instead we will be doing a little tea and a small celebration since our kids are older and I’m not able to do a lot.

So here’s to summer; filled with hiking through our wildlife preserve…

…wading through streams in wellies, camping, cooking, ice cream and cobbler, hammocks, front porch living, motorcycle rides, and tea in the wilderness.

My other favorite things about summer are about the water, one of my first loves. I want to swim in the ocean and our pool, eat tons of seafood, look at my favorite color ever (cobalt turquoise light), work in my studio that is like a ship’s wheelhouse, and make seahorse cookies, read my favorite books, and play with my favorite toys with my kids.

What do you want out of your summer? Is it your favorite season?

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