House History

Once upon a time our home was built by a young couple with a new baby boy. He owned the first hotel in town and many other new businesses. The home was finished in the winter of 1907 and the family moved from his hotel to their new stately home shortly afterwards.

The wife loved music and she had been professionally trained. Her piano playing and song filled the house as they added two more boys and a girl to their family. As the children grew up their father died and one of the sons took care of his mother. The son soon had his own family and a burgeoning career as a civil engineer. He traveled all over the country. He was called home again though, when his ailing mother took a fall.

In the mid 1960’s he moved his wife and four children to the house and took up a campaign of renovations. This is when the kitchen was updated, the bathrooms remodeled, the electric was upgraded and gas heaters were installed. He was a very busy man, even finding time to lay the driveway and pour the sidewalks and curbs. Later, when grandchildren started to arrive, the house was redecorated and the old chicken coop turned into a playhouse for them. (The playhouse even made the local paper!)

Finally, he too passed away and the last original family member, his wife, was left. In 2003 she went to join him and for several years the family was not sure what to do with the home. Finally, they sold it, in a private closed bid auction, to our university professor in 2007. She lived here until her son built her a little cottage on his land out west. We then bought it from her and moved in in 2012. We have been here ever since and although our professor has sadly also passed away, we still enjoy getting visits from the original family.

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