Class Pets

All the years I taught first grade I had guinea pigs. The first was Stewart, who lived to the ripe old age of 8. Then, I had 2 sisters named Ginger and Pickles. Unfortunately they both got respiratory infections about 6 months after I adopted them and they passed away. Then we had Biscuit and Blackberry, and Oreo. Biscuit and Blackberry fought about Oreo all the time even though they were separate. I gave Blackberry away. Right after that Oreo died. Two years later, we lost biscuit.

I don’t teach first grade any more and don’t have any class pets because I’m back and forth between two buildings, but I do miss those sweet little guinea pigs. Maybe one day we will get some more, but my son got a rabbit and that is keeping us on our toes!

My guinea pigs brought so much joy to our classroom. They would squeak for me to feed them, popcorn all over their cage when the kids came in and let them pet them. There is something magical about kids and little creatures. They could bring a kid out of a bad mood in a few minutes and make the shiest child smile for me.

There is a guinea pig cemetery in our yard by two ancient hackberry trees. Over their little graves are daffodil bulbs and every spring I am reminded of the love they gave our classes when the flowers bloom.

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