A New Studio on Kansas Street

The studio when we first moved in, 2012. Simple and good.


This year has been a big year of growth for me. New beginnings, changes, and projects finally coming to fruition.  One of the most exciting things was the reorganization of my studio. By massively decluttering I was able to think more clearly about what I wanted from this space.

Before it was very full of furniture, queen bed, two armoires, tables, chairs, etc.  It was so hard to use and move around in and it didn’t have an identity.  I found myself not wanting to use it and thus not being able to enjoy it. It is my favorite room on the 2nd floor with its giant curved windows, but I avoided it. The kids kind  of took it over as their playroom and sometimes guest room which left little room to make art.

My old faithful French easel from art school. Here I am working on watercolor paintings of our windows.

Well due to some upsetting circumstances we took a lot of the furniture out of the house, but the free space was such an interesting experience. I saw things in a different way, thought about things in a different way and was brave enough to try things “I knew” wouldn’t work. Ha!

The biggest armoire went to the Hall, the queen bed left and the daybed was brought back down and put back in the room.   I took tables to school, got rid of other pieces and then, holding my breath, brought our Hey-wood Wakefield dining set into the room!

That was profound for me. I have been wrestling with what to do with this gorgeous set since we moved in. I bought it with money I made doing illustrations for a historic preservation council and loved it even though it looked really weird when we moved from a bungalow to this Victorian.  Mostly because the ceilings are tall downstairs and this set is a bit on the demure side.  My mom gave us her more suitably scaled Queen Anne table and chairs but I could not sell my precious Hey-Wake!

So, we played musical rooms.  This is not fun when your table weighs about 70 pounds and the flaps hit you and pinch your fingers while trying to move it. We put it upstairs on the landing, in the butlers pantry, in the library, and it almost went to the kitchen.  Then finally, we took it back upstairs to the studio. Or I should say my husband carried that huge table upstairs to the Studio. (There are a few times in my 18 year marriage that I thought my husband was seriously thinking about divorce and I think this was one of them!)

Sunlight pours into this room year-round. It’s also shaded by 3 huge native pecan trees. Yes, it’s usually a little messy. 😊

Well dear reader even though I never would have believed it, the lower ceiling upstairs and the beautiful windows with their early Spring sunshine glistening on the honey-colored surface of the table and chairs I worked so hard for was the loveliest sight to my eyes! The table finally found its natural place! (It only took 6 years…)

McCoy aqua quilted jardineres and a Steiff Bear keep me company at the table.

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