Studio Tour, Part I


Ever since I’ve moved furniture out and in and decluttered my studio I have been so inspired. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I finished all the illustrations for my book and got it self-published this summer.  I think the change helped me channel myself into productive projects that were art based instead of work or home based.  The feelings of making these changes and reaching goals are amazing!

I’m posting a tour because I love to look at other studios and I want memories of the studio when “new.” I will try to list everything. If you want to know what something is that I didn’t just comment!

East view.

Starting at my favorite part- my Heywood-Wakefield butterfly table and dog bone chairs sitting in the curved tower bay windows with their curved glass.  This is my work table.

There isn’t really a decorating scheme and I’ve never in my life had the money to hire or the desire to hire someone else to design my home.  As an introvert my home is where I recharge, it’s the most important place in my world and it’s me.  I know who I am and what I like. This room has my favorite furniture and my favorite colors- all versions of sea green, and it works.

On the table is my 2011 MacBook (recently upgraded by my Dh) and two aqua McCoy quilted jardinieres. Visiting in the teddy bear chair are Paddington and Aunt Lucy, both made by Gabrielle designs from England. ( I am a passionate Paddington fan.) This is what the table looks like when I am not working.

North view.

On this wall is our daybed for guests and tigger. The picture on the wall is a Japanese painting of a cat stalking a spider.

Northwest corner.

I love toys. You will see a lot in these posts. I spent years being embarrassed about this, then stopped caring what I thought everybody else was thinking. Got better things to do! Lol

West view.

The door on the right is my closet (which is an original walk-in!), door on left goes out to the hall. Victorians have lots of doors for managing air temperature. I think this is brilliant but it can be awkward. When we have bed & breakfast guests we have to lock all the extra doors.

South view.

Behind these gorgeous pocket doors is our master bedroom. I have never seen pocket doors on a second floor. We have three more sets downstairs and I love them. Dh oiled and adjusted the levels on them this last winter (did you know you can turn a screw at the top and raise and lower the ends?) Amazing wonderful stuff.  Our doors are like new. The big one downstairs doesn’t drag on the floor anymore. I found the info in a 1970s “Old House Journal” which is a treasure trove of help for old house lovers. I don’t think the current day ones are nearly as helpful though.

Southwest corner.

This is a computer armoire. I changed it to an art supply cabinet.  My favorite Fisher-Price Little People set is up here- The Castle.  In front is my French easel from art school and in front of that is an Eames rocking chair with Teddy Rose and my Ds’s Guinea pig.

Southeast corner.

Lastly, here is a cart I bought on clearance for my iPads at school.  I didn’t have that many iPads after all 😝 so I brought it home to be a sort of Tabaret.  The artwork above is a print of the double-page spread from my favorite picture book “The Funny Little Woman” illustrated by Blair Lent.

Stay tuned for Part II and maybe even Part III!

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