On the Porch



An Amazon box from the Create Space printers was on my porch! Nestled inside were thirty copies of my new book: “The Secret of Sterling House.” I still can’t believe I can pick up my book and look through it. After years of trying to break into corporate publishing I never thought I would experience this. It’s just as amazing as I thought it would be. It makes me want to do more, be more creative, and to make more.

My illustrated children’s chapter book is about a sprawling Victorian house that holds many secrets, one being a treasure hunt from 100 years prior, never discovered until now. Another secret is the disappearance of Sterling House’s first children after the death of their parents and the possible haunting of the house thereafter. When Kaitie and Harry move to Sterling house with their family they become trapped in this web of secrets as they try to solve the treasure hunt and figure out what really happened so many years ago.

The book is based on my extensive background in historic preservation and love of old houses, as well as my experience as a Director and Curator of a Victorian house museum from 2002-2006. It is fully illustrated and I think you will enjoy it!

This box is destined for an arts festival at the end of this month. I never would have been brave enough to do this, but I’ve got some wonderful support from fellow writer friends who are going to be there with me. Together we build each other up and give each other permission to take risks. When those “risks” end up in a box on your front porch, you know you are lucky to have found such encouragement from others.


From the studio on Kansas Street to you,


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