Art Room Tours!

Hello bloggy friends! I’m posting pictures of my lower and upper elementary art rooms this week. I have two rooms, one in each building because I serve over 1,000 students; about 150 a day! I can’t even store all the supplies for that many kids in one room! Its been crazy, fun, happy, and stressful as I start this new journey!

Come on a tour with me! We will start with the littles. Their art room is all about storytime and my theme is Storybook Woods. I am using a lot of children’s books to teach art this year and I thought some new and old favorite characters would make the room welcoming and cozy.

Drippy rainbows help little ones find the art room again if they have to leave for the bathroom 😉
This is thankfully, a really big room. Unfortunately, there are no windows because its a safe room. On top of the shelves are some fun old stuffed animals. On the right are some Peter Rabbit animals and in the right corner are my sweet Paddingtons.
Still trying to get everything situated 😉
A Few of My Favorite Things!
Our mat and demo area


Time for Art!

I’m still working on these rooms, but I did not have a lot of time before school started to set them up. I’m sure they will evolve with my experiences teaching art. It’s been a hard brain shift to go from regular school to specials.

Don’t worry Paddington- I will! Paddington is my favorite literary bear!

Next we visit the big kids in another building. This is my satellite location. I spend most of my day in the littles building. It’s my home building where I have duty and lunch.

The bigger kid building is a ton of fun though because I get to see all my first graders that have left my classroom the last few years. It’s so bittersweet. This time I decided to do an ocean/50s school theme. I used ocean colors since my walls were blue and put some of my vintage school stuff on display.

More drippy rainbows!
Come in! This room has a window- so I had to bring some plants!
Some really old Dick & Jane books with an ancient book-sewn slate and my Fisher-Price schoolhouse- it started young with me!
My big Paddington my dad got me and my collection of 50s Dick & Jane books.
My Fisher-Price School Days Desk (again it started young with teacherin’!) and a Happy Apple.
The chalkboard! It’s all done and such a pleasure to write on! It’s a wonderful porcelain-coated steel surface. This is also our demo area.
This white board used to be on the chalkboard. Maintenance moved it for me. So thankful for them! The big black box by the ceiling is just a sort of junction box for the internet cables. The shelves are empty because they are for drying.
We are studying watercolor so we look at Beatrix Potter’s work. My Peter Rabbit is tagging along for the first few weeks!


Ha ha! My first graders LOVE Viola Swamp from the Miss Nelson books. I made this one year and it always makes me smile.
I long for the simpler world of Dick & Jane. These books are so lovely. As a real life teacher I just wish they had been written for phonics, not whole-word. Oh well.

End of the day! Woot woot!

With art love and school love to you from “Elementary Street” to you,





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