Secret Places Art (21-30) for the #100dayproject

Number 21 is a new facade to make my Weebles haunted house into a funhouse! I have wanted to do this project for a long time and the #100dayproject gave me the reason to finish it! I love Bill Tracy dark rides and wanted to pay homage to his great Wacky Shack design.

No. 21 Whacky Shacky

Number 22 was first eaten by my golden retriever, Abbey. But I did it again. I made a pretzel car for my funhouse. Pretzel cars turn and swing you around on the track and make you feel like a pretzel in a dark ride. The iconic design had a pretzel on the front. I tried to make the 3-D pretzel on the side with hot-glue. It turned out okay. LOL


No. 22 Pretzel

Number 23 is a drawing I did from a podcast. I was listening to My Favorite Murder Minisode 154 (I really don’t like the regular episodes, but the minisodes are fun. I get really sick of the f word being used as every article of speech.) Anyway, in the last story a girl finds a hidden basement room under the basement of her Victorian apartment house. She had gone down to do the laundry and accidentally knocked off the top of a bench trying to get the door open. It wasn’t a bench, but a secret staircase going down to another basement level! In this room she found a whole Victorian nursery, and it was clean like someone was taking care of it! AAAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhh!

No. 23 Subterranean

For number 24 I took a small break from secret places and I had to paint this new little friend I had gotten off of E-Bay. I collect Gabrielle Designs toys from England. Shirley Gabrielle Clarkson’s company made all the Paddington Bears for ages with the happy approval of Paddington’s author Michael Bond, and they also made my Winnie-the-Pooh set that I have posted on here. Clarkson made this little armadillo for another of Michael Bond’s books: J.D. Polson and the Liberty Head Dime. It was a flop, but at least there was a cute armadillo!

No. 24 Dillo

More Fisher-Price Little People Castle fun with Number 25! This is the secret stairs in the castle. I love this castle. It has so many cool secret fun things.

No. 25 Sardines

Number 26 is the coolest thing from an Agatha Christie book. In Postern of Fate there is a horse (actually it was Agatha’s rocking horse from her childhood) named Mathilde. Underneath, in the belly was a hole where things could be hidden. When I first read this book this totally enamored me! How awesome! It even gets used by spies!

No. 26 Enigma

Number 27 is from another favorite book, Go to the Room of the Eyes. There is a treasure hunt that starts “Go to the room of the eyes…” This is the room of the eyes, an ancient wardrobe the children find in the basement papered inside with peacock wallpaper that shone with gold “eyes” when the light hit it.

No. 27 Peacocks

Number 28 is my favorite author, Elizabeth Enright, writing in her little attic room way up in the garrets of The Dakota apartment building (the same one in Rosemary’s Baby and where John Lennon was shot.) It is my favorite old Victorian apartment building/large building and to find out my favorite author wrote there was a total treat!

No. 28 Garret

Oooh I love number 29! This was the best clue in my book “The Secret of Sterling House.” I used it to kick-off the sale of the re-vamped book on amazon. Here is the link- it is still low priced!

No. 29 Bottles for Lightning

I kept on doing new illustrations for my book after that because it was so fun and it was great advertising and publicity!

No. 30 Immurement

Next time in this series… more Secret of Sterling House illustrations and fun secret places!


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