Tea With: English Authors

Hello Bloggy Friends! This next post is my favorite so far in the “Tea With” series. I went wild with the decor because it was my birthday! I wanted to go all out. So enjoy!

First, you have to get ready for English weather! Find your wellies and brolly!

Hey, who invited mice to this party?! Well, I did “invite” Beatrix Potter.


Pooh and Piglet bring some teddy friends for a little picnic tea at the end of the table. Looks like they are reading copies of Beatrix Potter’s letters!


Our other Pooh friends (made in England by Gabrielle Designs) come along for a ride in the pram. (I used this pram with my babies and loved it. It glides over bumpy country roads and gravel too! It’s a Peg Perego.)
DDBE8955-44DF-48D5-AF12-7BD3DF282224Here they are by the china cabinets, filled with M. Sasek travel books, Richard Scarry’s “Big Big World,” and Beatles albums.


Food was made by my family including gingerbread cookies with royal icing (shaped like teacups of course!) and an imitation Olive Garden Black Tie Mousse cake that was to die for! SOOO good!

Some union jack bunting to make it festive! Then I set the table. Tea lights in glass flower pots helped with the magic. Also lots of teapots and Peter Rabbit china!


Can you see Abbey in this picture? She is my shadow!


One of my favorite things was this 3-tier food display. We put cookies on the top layer, savory treats on the middle layer, and chocolate in teacups on the bottom layer!


I can’t wait to eat!


Under the cake dome are cookies my DD decorated for me- some with union jacks (squee!) and one like Harry Potter’s cake in the first movie (cuteness!).134C171D-11DF-463B-8D58-B6464361DF36

We had all kinds of little visitors- including this 100th anniversary Beatrix Potter Beswick figure of Peter Rabbit! (A lot of these are so cheap and fun to decorate with. I got this one for $5!)


Oh, scones! With strawberry preserves! And CLOTTED CREAM!!!


All-in-all it was lovely. We made a spread of food outside for our friends and family to come by and get treats which they loved. I had a great and joyful day and embraced being older! Lol.


A good thing was- I had this breakfast in the dining room every day that week and got to enjoy my beautiful room for a long time before we put everything back in its places.


I hope you got some inspiration to treat yourself and make a fun tea party! Dreams of whatever makes you happy to you from Kansas Street.



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