Secret Places Art 81-89 for the #100dayproject

I’m back and I can see the light at the end! I’m almost done with this huge project and ready to write books this summer!

Since I was working so hard on this room on the 3rd floor (see previous post) I did some art from it. I have been getting these really luscious darks with an Artgraf Tailor’s Black Carbon square.

No. 81 “Deteriorated”

I had to sneak some tea stuff into this project!

No. 82 “In Plain Sight”

Back to “Secret Chambers and Hiding Places” by Allan Fea (read it here on project Gutenberg). This is a priest’s hole under a floor in England.

No. 83 “Putrescence”

I was having so much fun with this spread. I watched “Joe Bob’s Drive-In” on Shudder and did each picture. I did a watercolor base wash, then came back in with water-soluable colored pencils (Caran d’ Ache Supracolor II) to get the lovely details and textures. I used some Prismacolors too, especially for the day-glo (neon) colors.

No. 84 “Ephemera”
No. 84 “Putrefied”
No. 85 “Decreptitude”

The writing in this story is really bad. I was really distracted. Bad time to write in ink, lol.

No. 86 “Deteriorated”

And look! I used my finished room as part of my project! Heck, I painted enough- it should count!

No. 87 “Healed”


This rat from Trimper’s Haunted House was an original Bill Tracy gag. It had been spray-painted so many times it was a disgustingly delightful mess of craziness!

No. 88 “Consumption”

Something a little lighter here. I had seen a documentary about the Wacky Shack at Waldemeer Park and they showed their Hush Puppy cars. I thought they were so cute!

No. 89 “Haint”

Stay tuned for the next post! You will get to see the entire spread about funhouses!


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