Getting Home Ready for the School Year


It’s that time again! Time to get ready for a new school year! Follow along as I prep for my home and classrooms to run smoothly! This year I planned on the calendar 1 week for home and 1 for school. This week is the home week!



First, I have been doing tons of home projects the last few months to keep Corona boredom at bay. My husband has been a great helper! I had quite a few project “loose ends” as Paddington would say, so I made a list of everything I needed to do at home. Then I tackled it from the top first!

Can’t remember if I blogged this or not, but this cabinet has glass and it is done! It was Corona project #1!

The third floor got done (finally!) during the spring but I needed to put some furniture up there. Now that was done I moved down to the next level. (This really helps me feel like I accomplish a lot because as I move down the levels get more cluttery and messy!I like starting with the easiest!)


The second floor required a total clean. Our bathroom here was almost done and construction dust was EVERYWHERE! Plus I wanted to change out my son’s furniture for some grown-up furniture. Also we are getting some new furniture for our daughter, but she is in charge of her own room! I still had the bathroom trim to paint and the floor to seal too! And the studio to declutter! And I had to move all the tools and spare tile to the basement. Y i k e s. This all took 2 1/2 days.

Before- a leaky old mess!
After- love!
60s trim that didn’t match the rest of the house before…
And beautiful matching trim from Vintage Woodworks after! (We left the aluminum window- the original family put it in in 1966. We will change it someday!)

After all that was done I was left with a heck of a mess on the first floor. The tile and tools lined up by the basement, the construction dust on every surface, piles of books to go to the library and bookstore, Goodwill junk, a huge pile of stuff needing to go back to school, and piles of homeschool and kid stuff to sort! After getting all those taken care of (it was a day full of errands, sigh.) I cleaned and waxed the kitchen floor, stained and waxed the stair treads, decluttered the back porch, set up homework stations, painted the wall by the stairs and cleaned! Whew!

The camera makes the tile look darker than it is in real life.


Our bathtub, our gorgeous claw-foot bathtub, that we have had since March of 2019, was finally installed in the finished upstairs bath this week! We all had the most glorious baths in it! It’s so big and luxurious! I felt sooo much better after a warm bath! Everyone is celebrating the end to the bathroom projects that went on for 18 months! Lol

After many, many dry runs, and this tub becoming a popular reading nook for a while…
Moving in…
Hooray! This tub is a Restoria Imperial size from Vintage Tub and Bath online. It’s acrylic and I LOVE it! It looks so real- like cast iron.

My lovely husband fixed one of my GE school clocks that had stopped running. Two had stopped, but we could only get one to work. I googled “fix Telechron motor” and we figured out that the motors didn’t turn anymore because they were dry of oil. So hubby heated them up with a heat gun and worked some sewing machine oil into them! The newer motor was completely seized up, but the older one, made of higher-quality materials was fine! I feel like it will run forever! I actually have several of these clocks, including parts, so we were able to switch out a working motor from another clock to fix my favorite newer one. I am so happy seeing my working clocks back in their places again!


Run baby run!


Unfortunately, that night I went downstairs with my son to look for Maddy cat. The basement had been open for the plumbers that day and I was afraid she had been shut in accidentally. I found her under the dining room table (a favorite kitty place) and then accidentally ran into my son and BROKE MY PINKIE TOE!!! (All caps because it really hurts!) Now, thankfully I had done most of my chores on my list, but I am super frustrated that I have to slow down!

Time for tea and to take care of me!


Then we got paid so I took my list to Wally-World, hobbled around, and bought (more!) clocks, shower curtains and rings for our new bathrooms, and small sundry  items to finish all the projects! Hooray! My DD got her permit this week too so she drove me 😉  We also got groceries after making a menu.

Then, we had family movie night and it was my movie turn! Next week I will be school shopping for the kids and getting my classrooms ready! I’ll post it soon!

With hobbly-toed love to you from Kansas Street,



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