Seasonal Art Supplies

This post came about because I kept seeing ads for art supply subscription boxes. I almost signed up for one then decided not to. I seem to have a lot of supplies I don’t use and I don’t want to add more clutter! The other reason? They just didn’t interest me that much. I don’t need another pen, really.

But then I thought what if I ran a company like that? What if I carry some art supplies in my dream store one day? (I would love that! I’m adding it to the list!) I thought about what I would offer and what if money were no object? (Budgets are wet blankets lol.)

Also, do I tend to use certain supplies in certain seasons? Yes and no, but there are definitely activities I like in warm and cold weather that require different supplies. But what about a kit to celebrate each unique season? Hmmm.

So here are my thoughts!

A Mountain Spring- During this time I love to go to the mountains and sketch all the new life coming to the earth. Celebrating and studying God’s creations awakens joy and gratefulness after the winter.

A Map Bag: for hiking and carrying supplies close.
Caran d’Ache Supracolor II colored pencils set of 30: water soluble and delightful for color.
Tin Pencil Box: more compact for carrying the colored pencils.
Moleskine Large Sketchbook: a perfect portable book for most art journaling needs.
Caran d’Ache rough palette: for using pencil scrapings as watercolor.
Bic 0.5 mechanical pencil: my preferred for over 25 years.
Wildflower Guide: so you can name what you find to draw on hikes.
Steiff Mouse: because every supply box should have some fun and all creative people need mascots!

Summer Territory- a season perfect for daydreaming and sunlight shimmering off of watercolor. Writing and painting are my pleasures during this free-spirited time.

Wood Watercolor Box: to invoke the spirit of travel and adventure!
Schminke Watercolor kit with full pans: easy to get bigger, juicier washes.
Travel Brushes: protect your bristles with these lux brushes.
Moleskine large watercolor book: the same size as the journal from Spring and perfect for carry and travel.
Water cup: cause you will need one.
Prismacolor Pastels set of 36: a mid-quality good set for sketching in the field. (Not shown.)
Picnic at Hanging Rock DVD and paperback book set: because this movie touches the great mystery of summer and nature. (Not shown.)
Piglet: fun mascot for this kit!

Autumn Campfires- as the earth turns to its sleep I start to snuggle in and finish projects in this crisp, spooky time, enjoying the last bits of weather around campfires in the dusk.

Longaberger Orchard Basket: to carry all your fall treats and arting fun.
Prismacolor Pencils: 36 set for juicy color.
Prismacolor Extras: set of favorite shades from the entire colored pencil range.
Prismacolor Sharpener: for perfect points on the fly.
Pencil Pouch: for extra Prismacolor pencils.
Posca Pen: in white for fixing mistakes and adding glistening details.
Black Paper Sketchbook: for art all about the night.
Big Linen Scarf: can double as a blanket or ground cover for outdoors sketching.
Weebles Ghost: the perfect glow-in-dark good luck charm for fall!

Winter Ghosts- close to a fire, curled up with my babies, all snuggly and warm, the tinkle of the paintbrush against the cup, my tummy full of tea, my soul full of happiness, my home full of hygge.

Rickshaw Messenger: in large corduroy for warm texture.
Moleskine Watercolor Book: in a huge A4 size for gorgeous weekly spreads and illustrated Christmas recipes!
Winsor & Newton Field Box: a tiny box that has everything watercolor in miniature. (Not shown.)
Caran d’Ache gouache studio box: a perfect kit for illustrating fun.
Lamy Joy + waterproof ink: for gorgeous outlines and sketching with wet media.
Hand warmers: because warm hands are a pleasure when working in cold weather.
Wedgwood Peter Rabbit tea cup & saucer: tea is love and hygge and a perfect partner for your art and self-care.
Harney & Sons tea: Earl Grey Imperial to delight your tongue and sooth your soul.
Fisher-Price Adventure People Collie: our take-along token for this season.

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