Remembering: Mothering

It’s mother’s day here in the US and I am reminiscing about my beautiful babies. From the first excitement of a positive pregnancy test to the most recent hugs and kisses this morning before church- my family has been the best thing in my life.

(For their privacy I am not putting my children’s pictures online- please enjoy these vintage pictures that exemplify my mothering feelings though!)

Tasha Tudor feeding her brood.

Children bring so much joy, and they are the greatest adventure with your spouse. They truly are a blessing from the Lord and their precious souls are one day going to grow up to be parents too and to get to have the same blessings!

Mary Agnes Wantland, her daughter, and her father, Mr. Lindsay, outside the family home.

Mothering is not easy. From pregnancy to labor to nursing to the many milestones, happy and cranky, that children go through it is a job! But it is the best job in the world and it comes with the most important purpose- raising kind, loving, human beings who will go on to raise more kind, loving human beings.

Tasha Tudor with two of her children.

Some of my absolute favorite mothering memories are of nursing my babies and bed-sharing with them. Our children slept with us for many years (and would still be in our bed if they fit!). I have zero regrets and it made night nursing a delight instead of a nightmare. There is nothing as sweet as your baby waking up next to you with a rosy, sweet-milky face and smiling because they see your eyes!

Also, when they were nursing and got the giggles, and milk leaked from the side of their mouth, that is so funny- I love that memory.

We used cloth diapers to save money and boy did it save us! They also work so well! They are so absorbent- no blow-outs! But their little hinies were so fluffy in a soft diaper and a cover. When they fell down while learning to walk they had lots of padding from our hard wood floors!

I remember carrying them in slings and carriers, snuggly and warm, rocking them to sleep, nursing them while hiking in the sling(how did I do that? lol)

So many good memories, the sun dappled on their faces while walking them in the pram, the way they lit up when they heard music, trying new foods, the names they gave my boobs! 😉

Teaching the older ones to read, reading so many books! Playing and cooking together, dancing, laughing, sharing love and worries and God.

Again, I’m so happy to be a mum and so blessed!

It’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy!

The Wantland children having a funeral for a dead squirrel.

I didn’t always know what I wanted to do for a living, but I always knew I wanted to be a mother, always. Every good decision and choice I’ve made in my life were for my children-to-be and my children now. If that’s not a good reason to promote families then what is?

Tasha Tudor reading to her nephews.

I have lots more posts in the works including birth stories, nursing stories, and more! Hope you are having a lovely mother’s day!

From Kansas Street,


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