Fisher-Price Little People

Welcome to my FPLP (Fisher-Price Little People) page! I have been collecting and playing with Little People since 1998 starting when I was a teenager and continuing through the raising of our family. Let me show you our collection!

I am putting these in order of how I collected them. First was the #992 Play Family Car & Camper. Hubs says the motorcycle is his favorite part. 🙂

Then the classic 80’s house, #952, with accessories I’ve added over the years. My favorite things about this playset are the dog paw prints behind the garage and the working doorbell. The toilet was always pretty funny too.

The Play Family Farm #915. I really like that the chickens can sit on the fence and the silo opens to hold the accessories. Plus the barn has a painted “barn star” on one side.

Next is one I had in childhood, but lost; the #991 Circus Train. Thankfully, I was able to replace it as it was one of my favorite toys. My favorite things about this set are the train horn that works, the swinging caboose doors, the monkey and the fact that the elephant can hold a little person with its trunk!

The #931 Hospital is a rare and fun one. My favorite parts are the fish pond litho in the courtyard, the teal color of the furniture and the cute lithos on the building.

The #990 A-Frame is a great Swiss-chalet styled vacation house. My favorite things are the sliding “glass” doors, the balcony, and the bell on the front porch. (The bunk beds are pretty cute too.)

The Sesame Street house #938 is one of my best playsets and I recently finished finding the last of the extra people to go with it. My favorite things are the architectural design, the lithos (stickers) inside and out and how cute the Little People are.

This one is my number one. I got this when I graduated from college. It has always been the best playset! The #993 Castle was so popular that it was even re-issued. My favorite things are- everything! From the horses with blankets and carriages, to the cutest dragon ever to the many surprises like secrets behind the stairs, a dungeon, and a trap door, I love it all. This is also my children’s favorite playset. For a walk-through and a cute story go to my YouTube channel:

These stairs from the first version of the house (yellow and blue) have always fascinated me. Playing hide-and seek with a friend and walking your people up and down the stairs are fun!

The #923 School marks a special point in my collecting. It was the first set I got for my own child, my daughter. From then on, all the sets were requested by them for their birthdays until they grew out of Little People. Just look at the yellow swing bottom in the bottom-right picture. The FP detail is what makes these toys so special. There are so many, many thoughtful details like this on all of these toys!

My daughter just wanted a “widdle yeh-wow helipopter” for her birthday and fell in love with the #996 Airport! My son is still a car-guy and loved his # 930 Parking Garage. I had also played with one like this as a child at my babysitter’s house, and liked it a lot.

The #916 Zoo and the #928 Fire Station are next. The Zoo is so great and the spider monkeys are one of my all-time most-loved accessories. Even though it is a lot more plastic, there are still a lot of thoughtful details in this set! The Firehouse garage door has a bell that rings as it opens and a clicker as it closes. Plus the famous Play Family dog shows up as a dalmatian! Squeee!

I bought the #2526 Pool for lots of summer fun and it did not disappoint!

The last set I got was the #135 Circus (with some extras) and some of the pieces from the #657 Crazy Clown Brigade.

Whoops! Forgot I got this at a Goodwill recently! I’m having lots of fun with the #111 Merry-Go-Round and it’s Swiss music box rendition of “The Skater’s Waltz.”

Here are some extra fun things! A shampoo bottle with featuring the Little People and three renditions of the dog from the Play Family: #659 Puzzle Puppy, the same dog from a line made for babies, and the original wood dog.

Now that I’ve shown you our individual playsets, here is how I store them: on shelves in the day nursery room on the top floor of our 114 year-old house. They used to be in my children’s rooms, and when they did not want baby toys in their rooms anymore I had a hard time with that part of their growing-up, but thankfully we have a place for these precious toys. I still find my kids up here sometimes, playing and reminiscing. It is so pleasant to remember their little voices talking to themselves and doing the voices for the Little People. The castle is in my studio as it is my favorite.

Next time I will show you our collection of Adventure People. These were the toys that my kids played with after they outgrew the Little People. I will also do a post on the baby toys we still have as well! As you can see we love Fisher-Price here at this house and they are my biggest collection!

With Toy-love to you from Kansas Street,


P.S. Here is a pic of my collecting books- they have been invaluable!

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  1. I have had lots of good times with Little Peeople


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