Untangling My Art Room

Hello bloggy friends!
Today I am posting about my classroom. It has been through a lot of changes since May. Let’s see what is happening…

For two years I stored my first grade teaching materials on one side of my room at my early childhood center. This worked out well as the space wasn’t being used for anything else. I had another classroom I taught in in the mornings so I had storage in this other building as well.

I taught first grade for approximately ten years. I loved it and the other levels I taught as well. I know as a specialist teacher I could be sent back to the classroom at any time so there is no way I am getting rid of my core teaching materials that I spent years accumulating, testing, using, and paying for out of pocket.

At the end of May my district had an admin person who decided to completely restructure specials classes in all buildings. I was told I would no longer be teaching my 2nd-4th graders. My heart was broken and I fought as well as I could to get them art, but as of this writing they now have no art next year. I don’t even care if someone else is teaching it- they need it!

So I was sent packing from my upper elementary art room.

Most everything I donated to the new Junior High art program and teacher, but I still had to keep supplies because I would be seeing my little ones double the times I saw them last year. So where to put this extra stuff?

Time for first grade materials to come live in my attic!

Some had to be thrown away, sadly. These are 1 unit out of 5 of posters made for our 2007 edition of Scott Foresman’s Reading Street. They are quite lovely and have the question on the top, the story and an illustration from the story and the vocabulary words. On the back are the phonemes we learned along with our spelling list which always utilized words with the phoneme(s). They were used for 10 years! I made one for each of our 30 stories!

After moving first grade out of my art room I was able to unpack from moving art stuff over from my other art room. I also ruthlessly went through everything and made a donation table outside my door.

Next, I worked on my biggest goal: getting a full-sized chalkboard for my art students to use in my classroom!

Now let’s look at how everything turned out (please know that it is not finished- I still have a couple of things to do!

Come on in!

Next time I will post what I am doing to untangle things on the home front- like our porch restoration!

With classroom love to you from School Street,


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