Organizing Art Supplies

It was snowing outside, it was cold inside. The studio was cluttered with snow day and virtual school day messes.

“It’s time to organize the art studio,” I said to myself. And so, I did.

I’m going to tattle on myself. I have art supplies, not a crazy huge amount, but too many for my current storage cabinets. It doesn’t help that cabinet space is taken up by toys either!

So, I end up squirreling my supplies away in odd places- my clothes closet, under the bed, in carts, in bags, etc. I really want a beautifully organized studio space that holds all my toys and art stuff but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards. I do not know what to do about this either!!!

What really needs to happen is for us to move the daybed out of the studio, but we really can’t do that as its our only guest room with both heat and air. (Yeah, those gorgeous guest rooms, the old nurseries, on the third floor have no heat, but they do have air!) So what to do? I do not know.

So at a stalemate I finally just gave up and organized it the way I always do, squirreled here and there… but I’m making plans.

Hee hee, I always feel so good about myself thinking I don’t have that many art supplies, but I got a rude awakening when I drug everything out to organize it. I do have many art supplies!

After all this cleaning and putting away of things I felt much better, but still antsy about storage. Im going to make some changes too.

Stay tuned…


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