Packing for Camp

Last weekend my daughter and I went on our biannual Girl Scout camping trip. These trips are sonething we look forward to and plan for for six months. For this trip our forecast was rain. I also wanted to bring some charm to camp a la Ginger & Pickles. It was going to be interesting!

When in doubt… pack it all!

Packing is the first ritual, and the one that makes me feel like everything will be tickety-boo. After several years of getting ready for camp I finally started making totes and keeping them ready to go in the basement.

We use 2. There is a kitchen/food tote and a fire/clean up tote. Both totes are only half full allowing room for food to be packed in them and away from animals.

I also keep a master list of everything we need on a clipboard. I can pack fairly quickly and a lot more confidently now.

The first tote is the kitchen tote: (Note: there are candlesticks and halloween decorations in the background- I just scooted them to the end of the dining room table to lay out the contents of out totes.)

Everything going into the kitchen tote.
Clockwise from bottom left: a bag containing a knife, meat thermometer, can opener and tongs; our Simplex tea kettle from the kitchen (to be used on a butane stove); an old carafe to hold hot tea; Tupperware for food storage; matching Tupperware S&P shakers; dryer sheets for pest control; an old apron; a bag of cooking and eating spoons.
Clockwise from left: The Book of Knots is an old inside joke in our troop; a sharpie; hand warmers (we brought lots of these!); and zip-loc bags.
Top to bottom: plastic ponchos; tattersall tablecloth; 2 mess kits; and tea towels.
Clockwise from bottom: plastic ponchos; plastic cover for monbento utensil kit; plastic lids and cups for tea; a neoprene Monbento bag I use to protect china; our old Simplex copper kettle from the kitchen ( great workhorse btw); Monbento utensils (spoon in teacup); and a Wedgwood Peter Rabbit teacup and saucer ( this is my favorite).

Second tote is my fire/clean-up tote:

Clockwise from bottom: trash bags; a bag of dryer lint and toilet paper rolls for making starters; a hot water bottle (it was going to be cold); fire gloves; a cookie sheet; a camp toaster; bug spray and fly swatter; dish soap & brush; clothesline with pins; and paper towels. Our cat is photo bombing me.
Clockwise from bottom: fire shovel; candles and matches; our pan from the kitchen and foil; a butane stove ( it rained on and off that weekend and we have to have tea!); and canned butane.
Of course we packed our clothes, sleeping bags, toiletries, and fun things to do, but these were the most important of all. Dry, warm feet make happy campers! My DD had ones with flowers on them. 😊

Next up is our camp! Stay tuned!

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