Camping Under the Clouds and a Tea Recipe!

Weather and Food

It rained most of the time my girl scout troop and our girls’ moms were at camp! I knew it would going in, so we all decided to actively make this the best experience possible with the weather we were given. All this takes is a little imagination, a lot of planning, and being prepared!

Our troop pre-cooked meals because we were pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to have a fire. We have access to a kitchen at camp, but the last 5 years the stove and fridge did not work. We also tried to help the girls in our troop plan a menu that did not require a lot of cooking. I bought a small butane stove.

As you can see quite a few of us are tea drinkers. Hot tea was the number one cheerer-upper for a lot of us. Our dry wood would not burn high enough to cook on, so our butane stove went right to work.
Thanks to my great friend bringing every patio umbrella, canopy, and tarp she owned, we stayed pretty well dry. There was a big patio umbrella over our tea table.

Since it was sooo cold and rainy after breakfast we retreated back to the cabin to try and warm up. Having dry clothes were so important to staying warm so we carried our brollies (umbrellas) everywhere and wore our wellies (rain boots).  While in the cabin I painted the recipe I’m sharing with you. I held hand warmers so my fingers wouldn’t freeze outside my gloves!


I used a big Moleskine watercolor journal to record our tea making at camp.

This recipe was invented by my amazing daughter, who is turning into the best cook! She figured out a way for me to have a (better) version of my favorite Starbucks drink- a London Fog, even while camping!


London Fog Tea Latte (Portable)

Beat a half-pint of heavy whipping cream until it starts to get thick, then add 1/2 cup of powdered sugar and a dollop of vanilla (maybe 1/2 a teaspoon). Continue beating until muxture becomes very fluffy.  More sugar may be added, it just depends on how sweet you want it. Scoop mixture into a gallon size zipper bag and seal. Refridgerate until ready to use. Snip the end off the bag, squeeze a blob in your tea and enjoy!

Breakfast time! The special whipped cream for our earl grey is in the zipper bag. 🙂

Other Magic

In order to bring more magic to camp I planned this spread, incorporating my dream of the perfect little shop decor and home decor.

We managed to incorporate most of these ideas into our camp but I was too busy having fun and didn’t get pictures of them!

About a week before camp I made giant sugar cookies with my Martha by Mail copper cookie cutters. I use her recipe, but we do almond extract with the vanilla. Yum. The royal icing turns out much better when you use real egg whites instead of powdered merengue, but they are raw and I’m paranoid about food poisoning. The cookies were fabulous and they helped to fill cranky tummies when cooking became challenging.

Next my friend and I brought faerie lights and bunting to hang all over. We have access to limited electricity so we used it!

Our cabin in the evenings.

A few weeks ago I bought a camp rocking chair at Walmart. It was sturdy and cheap. I love rocking chairs. Whoever invented camping rockers must have some front porch blood in their veins.

We couldn’t manage to keep candles lit because rain bounced off everything and even soaked stuff under our tarps. Finally it stopped raining and we were able to go on a hike.

The path to the lake.

On the last day we packed and left for home. We were tired in a good way and already making plans for our camp in the spring. I am so blessed to have these great mom friends and this troop of girls. And to be reminded that the rain will stop and the sun will be back.


Worth it.

With camping love and rainbows to you from Kansas Street,





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