Ready for Friends & Summertime

Hello Dear Readers! We recently had our annual Memorial Day get together hosting all of our motorcycle friends that can come and ride for the weekend. We were hoping to have our renovations finished but things were worse under the surface than we expected. Instead we did our best and worked around the construction. Our guests were very kind and understanding!

Things needed to be done that we didn’t think needed to be done, like a whole new sub floor in our kitchen. Our contractor, Jake Reed, has worked hard and his attention to detail is wonderful. There just wasn’t enough time to do it all. But he came through for us and got our downstairs livable again just in time for our guests!


This half is deceiving. Behind the camera there is no tile! Also the fridge does not really go there. But we had a functioning kitchen for our guests!

Miracles were worked in our bathroom. What was once a gutted, sodden mess with three leaks is now re-done, re-plumbed, floored and the toilet reset! Next will be the tile in the shower and 1/2 way up the walls. Those little hex tiles make me so happy.



I do enjoy this time so very much. I love getting the house to wake from its winter slumber and bloom for our guests. I try to spoil our guests as much as possible and one of the funnest parts is decorating!

Look at the studio! The daybed is now a king! It usually looks like this:


This year I wanted to focus on the front porch. It’s always a favorite with company in the late spring and summer. I borrowed as much as possible from around the house and even my classroom to invoke a relaxed, British Victorian bungalow in the Caribbean.


Yes, we love rocking chairs. The Eames styled ones are our favorites. The one on the left is my teacher chair!


The front door is looking very welcoming! Our sign above the mailbox is our National Register Plaque. We were listed in 2014.
I’m so proud of this!

Gotta have a porch swing! This is one of the first presents my DH got me after we moved here. I put a lambskin on it, but it won’t stay there. You have to keep wasps from building nests where you can’t see them. I get tagged almost every summer because I forget to check a chair. Best thing is ice straightaway followed by a Benadryl.


All ready!
Earlier we had a hammock up. Our house came with 1907 hammock hooks. They still work! The red pillows do not go with the porch theme, so I put them elsewhere and brought in things that did.
The only thing I bought was a 24′ set of Edison string lights. I went back for more, but they were sold out. They are warm LEDs and look great on the house!
Of course LOTS of food was prepared and eaten! I was so thankful this year to have very sweet ladies who not only helped buy, prep, and serve the food, but they helped clean up as well!

I was really sad that I did not get to make the Memorial Day cookies for everyone. I got everything else done, but not this. I just didn’t have a functioning kitchen long enough to get it done. There is always next year! Here are the beautiful Martha by Mail cutters I had gotten earlier:

We also had technical difficulties with our O’Keefe & Merrit.

These are the gas shutoff safety valves in our O’Keefe & Merritt range. They are called pickle valves. 🙂 They would not stay on and we could not get the oven to come on. A new one is almost $300. But Tyson’s Appliance walked us through what to do. Our pilots had gotten clogged from all the renovation work and need to be cleaned and adjusted. Then presto! We were cooking with gas! Thank you Mr. Tyson!
Of course there was a lot of this!
And a lot of this! Cherry cobbler and homemade ice cream from a historic restaurant in the mountains.
Special thanks to Frank Martinez for taking this AMAZING picture of our house during the weekend! It’s also the featured image for this post. Thanks Frank! 🙂

With love and lit up Victorians on summery Kansas Street,



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