New Journal Party!

Hey bloggy-friends! Break out your journals, visual journals, art journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, sketchbook journals- WHATEVER you use to create- and lets party!



“I know the plans I have for you,” saith the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11

I always start a new journal in the new year. I love marking this time with the beginnings of one new thing. Typically my “new year” is really in August because our house runs on an academic calendar. In August we get all new clothes, calendars, planners, school supplies, etc. In January- zilch, except a new journal. First get your journal ready.


Second, make yourself a treat to make the time special. I always start with tea 🙂 Our battered old Simplex kettle is on standby!


Then I load up a tea tray…25CC5A42-BA0A-471A-8B5F-5DFB8218FC73

…and take it upstairs…25B258DF-1874-4AEB-A315-30DAD53C437C

…to the studio. Find a place where you can create. You don’t have to have a room. Tasha Tudor did all of her amazing work at her kitchen table. Beatrix Potter rebelled against her stifling room (her nursery of 30 years) and went outside. You just need a way to carry your supplies with you; maybe a basket or a tote bag. Your creative space can be wherever you want!


I get out my box of planner/school planner/journaling supplies and sift through them; feeling inspiration.93C0BD28-E152-4894-B3FC-C84685B91093

When I get to my studio I get it ready. I cue up a podcast from my favorite Youtubers 13 O’Clock and I get my favorite colors out.



I get out my wonderful 120 set of Prismacolor pencils I’ve had for 23 years. Being able to replace pencils with open stock has made this purchase last.
I start looking through books and thinking about the first piece of art that will go in my journal. It took me a long time this time to decide.

While I am pondering art I fill in the beginning page.

Then I figure out what I want to do. First I think about past pictures I’ve done in the beginnings of journals.


But I don’t feel like doing a Beatrix Potter picture this time. So I look at my 2020 New Year journal entry from the book I just finished to think about what I might do.


Hmmm. It will be our 20th wedding anniversary this summer. I am wanting to have a Brambly Hedge inspired cake at our party like this lovely royal wedding:


We were married in the millenium. At the time Target had a wonderful Brambly Hedge collection. I’ve always liked the books so much and I think a small cake with natural flowers would be so pretty and fresh. I want to celebrate being married to my love for so long. God has blessed us so, because we made him first in our marriage.


So I found a great picture from the Brambly Hedge book with the wedding, and started.

You could say I set the intent with my first page! (I tell all my students, “If you can’t make a mistake, you can’t make anything. So of course, I mistakenly wrote the wrong date!) f4b6f57c-958c-4da9-9a6e-7c4e9adaca6a.jpegLast on the page spread is my “I am” list which changes subtlety every time I write it.


Then it’s on to the rest of the journal with my artist’s statement, wants, needs, and blessings lists. This journal will oversee the planning of my children’s birthdays and mine, treasure hunts, fun, our Memorial Day motorcycling family that will stay with us, and our 20th wedding anniversary! (I keep a separate journal for school.) This will be a great year!


Rest assured, there is still 6 months to finish this journal. It won’t all be done in one party, but it was started. And that, my friends was lovely.


Here’s to 2020!

With love and hope that God’s great plans for you unfold this year,



4 thoughts on “New Journal Party!

  1. Jaime
    I absolutely loved your Journal Party post. I love to journal outside as well as in coffee shops with a tall chai latte by my side.
    I love your drawings too 💖💖💖


    1. Thank you! Journaling in a coffee shop sounds lovely; especially sipping on a drink. I am usually in too much of a hurry in them! Lol 😂


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