Essentials in My Day for 2020


Abbey the golden retriever will be modeling for this post!

Welcome! In this post I’m sharing things I use every day. As much as possible I buy used and save the difference. I encourage everyone to do the same! Ebay is my go-to resource, and safe to use. I’ve been on there since 1998.

Here we go- things I use every day!

Starting with my really old but awesome MacBook is an essential. I’ve written 3 books on it and done countless projects.

”Oh, I’m sorry, were you typing?”

I hate to say my phone is an essential but of course, it is. It wakes me in the morning, I listen to podcasts during my bible study/journaling time before my day starts and it helps me keep in touch with my family.77D3B303-6BA5-4B22-8AED-75E4655CEE91

I am still a watch girl at heart and I have been since my first Swatch in the 80s. I wear a watch every day. I like chunkier watches and fun colors!


9BE09739-F9A0-4D2A-BE51-F401887945F6My Moleskine journals are the best way for me to draw, plan, reflect, meditate, and learn. I keep a sketchbook for out and about, a personal sketchbook journal at home for home/family/personal entries and a school journal to help me plan and reflect on my teaching. My wonderful art proc Jackie Knapp taught me to keep a sketchbook journal and it has been an amazing experience. For more about journaling click here and hereFor my journal entries I just use a fine 0.5 Bic mechanical pencil and some Prismacolors for color.




I like to wear dresses to work and flat shoes since I’m on my feet all day. The best shoes I own are these Converse Mary Janes. They are a good mix of cute but casual, and very light and comfortable. This is my 3rd pair in 14 years. I wish I could find a replacement, but no luck so far. I also wish these were still made!


My stove is definitely an essential as well as my tea parephenaila! When I practice self care I can be more loving to others, especially my students! I like to take my time with breakfast.

My favorite tea dishes (and my kids’ too) are my Wedgwood Peter Rabbit adult-sized teacup and saucer. I also have a wee little spoon from my Bento kit that I use with it. I admire Beatrix Potter so much- her art, storytelling, and her break for freedom later in life.

My favorite tea right now is Harney & Sons Earl Grey Imperial. This version has lovely light floral notes that sing with the bergamont. Plus this is such high quality tea I can get 3 cups from 1 tea bag!
Next are books! It just depends on which day it is which book is on my mind but I can’t imagine my day without them. I love reading to kids yall. Seriously.

If its not books its puppets. They can get students’ attention and keep it, which is really important to teaching my littlest ones.

And when I read and do art lessons with puppets I love to sit in a rocking chair. They are so heavenly. My favorite is this low Eames-style rocker.

For lunch I always bring mine from home. Im a huge fan of sushi and I make my own. This saves on costs and health as I know exactly what is in it! Sushi is super cute in a bento as well.


My name is Abbey and I got into some blue icing I wasn’t supposed to eat!

After teaching all day I like to come home and do art in my studio, but sometimes I’m on the go. Either way my Winsor & Newton field kit is by my side. It absolutely changed the way I worked. I had stopped painting because I couldn’t drag a big studio set-up out with my kids getting into everything, knocking things over, etc. But this little box is a gem, and paired with a Moleskine watercolor journal, there is no stopping me! Since then its been so easy for me to paint whenever I had the time.

Then I make dinner for my family on our O’Keefe & Merritt range. I like it best when everyone makes dinner together. We eat together as much as possible. I have great admiration for this stove that quickly and easily helps me make cook over 700 family meals a year! I’ve detailed my love here already, but suffice it to say, I LOVE this stove. If I ever move it is going with me!


After dinner is when I usually exercise and read. I used to wear out exercise bikes, then 10 years ago I got my Schwinn Airdyne. I try to ride it faithfully every night. It has kept me so healthy all these years. I ride in the evening because I can not drag myself out of bed in the morning to exercise. Thankfully I can distract myself while exercising with a good Agatha Christie book!

54E9D94E-C30C-4816-8716-645606586A20 I wash the day off with Clinique extra mild face soap. I used to use really harsh soap, but since I switched I don’t have breakouts anymore. Plus, it smells really good and milky and it doesn’t strip my skin. 


Lastly, I like to keep a mascot around-usually a little toy to remind me of all good things. Its been different things over the years, but right now it is a Gabrielle Designs Piglet from their Classic Pooh line. They made the Pooh soft toys before anyone else. They also made Paddington!

Stay tuned- I have renovation posts coming up!

Love every day from Kansas Street,





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