Tea With: Beatrix Potter & Peter Rabbit

Welcome to a new series here on the blog-a-roo- it’s called…


Tea With…

Each post will feature a different “guest” or theme. I thought this would be fun because things are really weird around here thanks to our quarantine. Here we go!

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we are all in isolation with our immediate families. To help boost our spirits for Easter we had a special Easter dinner tea in the dining room!


There were several special treats. We had some late-blooming daffodils and they made a cute flower arrangement. A good teacher friend at school had given me these lovely curtains while we were still in session. I finally hung them. She made the tablecloth too!22D1EE38-2929-43E0-A455-D5ACF3BED0D0

We mixed and matched all sort of things for a springy color scheme: green Frankoma, pink Gracetone, jadeite Pioneer Woman, blue McCoy, and blue Le Creuset. (I can’t believe how much my kids like to set the table all fancy and have candles!)39234FF9-2BF6-424E-A29D-EE20C4E1E01D

The menu was: roast chicken, mashed potatoes, scones, Earl Grey tea with cream, green beans, mushrooms, snickerdoodle cookies, and Easter candy!B60296B7-7CBF-47B7-86DA-5604080C97B9

So thankful to be healthy and have food on my table this Easter.DB3658F3-6289-4B1F-BA14-E1FC196F6B45

Warmers keep things hot in a our big dining room. It’s usually cold in there because we keep in closed in the winter.2D705F39-3246-4EB5-977B-E792C2D2C42C

Of course, we had our Peter Rabbit china out- any excuse! Everyone had a little rabbit person for their place setting.C2F005CC-F15A-447C-A93F-6EB8B3FE8365

This ironware tureen is the oldest thing I own. I filled it with blown-out duck eggs in beautiful colors several years ago. Next to it is a new thing I like- this ceramic strawberry container.21C711A1-E3FF-444D-98F3-264A09F19BEB

We had a lovely time and then everyone helped to clean up! Yay! See you next time for more tea parties!




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