Secret Places Art 40-49 For the #100dayproject

I can’t believe I haven’t run out of ideas for this project yet! I keep getting more and more as I go through my original brainstormed list. I ended my book sale with this last new illustration for “The Secret of Sterling House.” My family-friendly treasure hunt book with a giant Victorian house and some very smart, inquisitive children. The last piece I did was how the children found the first clue- in a bricked-up room in their basement.

No. 41 “Faux”

Pen and ink story about our cistern caps.

No. 42 “Sconces”

An ash clean-out door with a gas line feeding through it to the gas logs in the fireplace above. Just about anything can be a hidden room, secret passage, hiding place, or dead space! I’ve learned to keep my mind more open about that as I have done this project!

No. 43 “Escape”

Our window seat on the stairs- the inside of the bench is hollow and full of…nothing.

No. 44 “Decadence”

Doodling from a children’s book while watching all the Sketchbook Skool live drawing parties during Covid!

No. 45 “Coquettish”

Bird’s Eye view of our rotten front porch. Wood porches are a huge burden to maintain and not many are left. We re-decked this soon after moving in. We wanted to leave a plastic Halloween skeleton in the huge, cavernous dead space underneath to scare the next owners, but it turns out it would just be us again- time to patch!

No. 46 “Lichenous”

Obsolete steam pipes in our basement.

No. 47 “Sinewy”

Inside our Arco Ideal Water Boiler that used to heat our house. It was converted sometime from coal (we still have a very small coal pile in the basement) to gas.

No. 48 “Burners”

The thermometer from the boiler. The engraved numbers look just like my late Dad’s handwriting.

No. 49 “Water Boils”

I’m having more fun with this project than I ever thought! See you soon for more!


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