Packing for an Outdoor Art Workshop

If you were traveling far from home in the fall and going to an art workshop where you hiked a lot of the day and painted what would you bring? You would have to pack lightly since you’d be hiking, you would also need layers cause fall weather is nutty. Also, the supply list is vague- bring what you like, etc. However you also paid a studio supply fee so will you need paper?

This is my dilemma! I will be attending a workshop soon and have to make all these decisions! Now, don’t worry, I actually nerd out a little when it comes to organizing and packing so this will be fun- like getting ready for camp!

First things first, planning! This step is very important! It’s fun and keeps my anxiety at bay. I made myself some tea, settled in with my journal and wrote down everything I thought I might need to bring. This turned into my master packing list and helped me to not forget things like phone chargers and deodorant!

Abbey and me thinking up a packing list and watching spooky movies.

Alrighty then. Let’s start with the bags. What am I gonna carry all this junk in? (And while we’re at it I might as well show the stuff too.)

ONE- A big rolling suitcase. From the parking lot to the car is about 5 blocks at this lodge. This will hold my clothes, some of my layers, my tea accoutrements, books (I really have to reign it in with those) and toiletries. I’ll need enough stuff for 4 days and 3 nights, plus rain gear. I ended up taking my hubby’s Kindle so that helped with the books.

TWO- A big art bag. With. Everything. (I mean, only what I actually need and not one thing more, or course.) I settled on taking a backpack. I’ve had a lot of trouble with my back this year. My chiropractor is helping me immensely, but I still want to be very careful. This bag would evenly distribute weight and I could take it hiking.

An overview of what is going inside.

I always take a little toy with me, like a good luck charm. This time a Weebles ghost and my Steiff mouse Peeps. Also, almost forgot my pencil sharpener!

My watercolor things from left: A La Fermiere yogurt jar with a Wek lid for carrying water. What was left of an Arches Watercolor block, an empty Schminke paint box that I filled with my own pans of Winsor & Newton paint, painter’s tape, a Moleskine watercolor book, and some flat brushes for landscapes and rocks.

The rest from left: My “teacher life” bag with my Lamy Joy pen, a white Posca pen, a ballpoint pen, 2 Bic mechanical pencils, my red school Moleskine sketchbook for taking class notes in, my inhaler, pocket Kleenexes, and a water-soluble graphite square.

I also brought my Caran D’Ache Supracolor watercolor pencils. I put them in my Prismacolor box because it was a much lighter weight than the metal tin I had them in. It even had room for my watercolor brushes!

THREE- A tiny purse. Here is where I go minimalist. Keys, wallet, school id, done.

Now when I went to pack my suitcase, it didn’t all fit in. I ended up packing a separate tea bag. And yes, I did bring a teapot. I would ave my own room this year at the lodge and I really wanted it to be special. This teapot had a repaired lid, so if it broke it wasn’t that big of a deal. My cup and saucer had factory defects so if they broke it was ok too. I carefully wrapped them in tea towels though!

I brought my little travel kettle, and a travel mug for late nights in the studio pavilions. I put in plenty of honey, creamer, crackers, and TEA!

I was able to buy this lovely set of pastels this month. I wish I had brought them, but I didn’t because they were heavy. Last time I had the best time with the Prismacolor pastels they had. This time they were almost out! I was able to scratch together most of the colors I needed, but the whole time I was wishing I had brought these! This is what is so hard about packing!

Next time I will tell you all how it went and have work to show you! I can’t wait!

With nerdly packing love to you from Kansas Street,


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