Tea With… Quartz Mountain

Yes friends a tea post! Yay! These are my favorite posts!

So this is a tea post with a mountain, Quartz Mountain to be precise; part of the Wichita mountain range in southwestern Oklahoma. Recently I attended an art workshop there and it was GLORIOUS. I brought my tea things with me and it truly made it extra special! All meals were catered so there are no recipes in this post. I do love Ritz cheese cracker sandwiches and almond biscotti with tea and brought some with me though.

I was pretty spoiled!

Here is how this “tea party” felt:

There is a ancient, weathered mountain range outside my balcony door at a beautiful hotel where I have every comfort in my very own room for four days and three nights. When my first class is over and dinner is done I come back for the evening and set up my tea things under the glow of a lamp by the balcony. The outside door is open and I can feel the soft autumn breeze.

The TV is playing old, spooky movies, the bed is warm and comforting. I’m in my pajamas as the electric kettle starts to boil.

My table is set with all my favorite things and the soft evening light glistens on the sparkling china and dapples across the delicious ripples of tea. The swirls of steam drift into the crisp air. This is the view from my balcony.

As the sun sets I pad my way across the room and pour cups of tea. Then, back in bed I bring out my journal as I sip. Here I am, far from home at an art workshop making tea and journaling an important part of my creative life, adding sparkle to my day or evening.

In the coming days there will be cake, more journaling, and even a new art skill: needle felting!

I am so glad I packed my tea things!

Next time I’ll tell you all about the workshop!

With prayers for a renewed creative life for you from Kansas Street,


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